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For use in saltwater aquariums and refugiums to remove negative trace elements from water.

Mangrove Shoots or Propagules, also known as seedpods are shipped rooted but without any leaves. Root structures develop quickly on the propagule, within 7 days of planting. The Red Mangrove can be planted submerged in water with gravel, small rocks or live rock or in top soil as a potted plant,; in sand or in between rocks in an open topped aquarium, illuminated sump or refugium. The roots will quickly take hold in either a sand substrate or in live rock and can also make lovely interior home plant arrangements.

The Red Mangrove Tree of the genus Rhizophora grows in the upper end of the inter-tidal waters of the tropical oceans of the world. The mangrove trees form seeds, called propagules about the size of a candle or pencil, which is dropped from the tree, floats in the water for several weeks and then once it has absorbed sufficient water the weight allows it to stand upright and start taking root. For aquariums: Provide illumination for these plants through the light from the side of a metal halide, or directly under fluorescent lights with a visible spectrum in the range of 6000°-8000°K. The general care for these plants includes; wiping excess salt from the leaves with fresh water a few times per week, and trimming the growth tip of the plant to control growth. These plants will benefit from the regular addition of an iron supplement, and trace elements.

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